Solidarity in Times Of “Covid 19”

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Fellow Workers,

at the moment many of our colleagues risk their health in hospitals, emergency services, social work, women’s shelters, nursing homes, retail, as delivery drivers, in refugee homes, the agricultural industry, waste disposal, public transport, while others earn a golden nose (e.g. Amazon and other Internet companies). Many colleagues fear for their existence because of their lack of payments from the employment offices or the catering trade. Others use the chance to enforce harder laws in the course of a further authoritarian formation of society. Much is in motion and suddenly it becomes clear to many who keeps this society alive: us workers. Many of us face this time with a mixture of fear, powerlessness, anger and thirst for action. We cannot take these feelings from you. But we can call on you to show our solidarity with your neighbours in the house next door, the refugee accommodation, your colleagues. With the following collection of material we want to help you to realize this.

Political evaluation and trade union resistance

“The monster at the door – the corona capitalism” – Annotated material collection at

Solidarity neighborhood networks

In recent days, various neighbourhood initiatives have been set up in the German-speaking countries. These have different focuses, but are basically grouped around solidarity-based organisation of everyday life.

– Germany

– Austria

– Switzerland

Tools for building further networks

  • Brochure “Solidarity Networks”: Download
  • How to fire your Boss” brochure: Download

Solidarity networks for colleagues in the health and nursing professions

At the moment we know only a few networks, but we will keep you up to date. The solidary neighbourhood network in Bremen has created a flyer and poster for colleagues in the hospital. They offer help with shopping, but also psychological support. We don’t know anything about similar initiatives in Austria and Switzerland. If you know something, please share it with us.

Activities within the IWW Worldwide

– Australia

  • Fellow Workers have created a petition to freeze rents.

– Great Britain

The Organizing-Department

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