(Portland, USA) Erfolgreiche Streiktage der Burgerville Workers Union

on Oktober 29, 2019 International, Organizing with 0 comments

Vier Tage lang standen die Mitglieder der Burgerville Workers Union im Streik. Während der „week of action“ wurden mehrere Filialen der Fast Food Kette lahm gelegt. Die Unternehmensleitung ist nun endlich zu Lohnverhandlungen bereit. Congrats, Fellow Workers!

„But together we do have the power. This week, we’ve shown that without us, they cannot keep the stores open and serve the customers. This is the power that we have as workers. Over and over we heard from customers, they were disappointed Burgerville has STILL not signed a fair contract, and they WOULD NEVER cross a picket line and go back to Burgerville until a fair contract is signed!“



Für aktuelle Infos, hier klicken. Zur Homepage der Burgerville Workeres Union kommt ihr hier.

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