News aus Nordamerika: Gründung der IWW Freelance Journalists Union

on April 10, 2019 International, Organizing with 0 comments

Die nordamerikanischen Wobblies gründeten vor Kurzem eine Sektion für freischaffende Journalist*innen!
Wir wünschen ihnen viel Erfolg beim Kämpfen und Organizen! ❤️

Hier gehts zur frischen Homepage!

„The IWW FJU is a union for all freelance journalists, bloggers, and other writers in the news media. Join us today!

You have nothing to lose but your unpaid invoices!

We’re a group of freelance journalists, bloggers, and other writers in news media from all around the world, organizing to improve our working conditions and assert our rights.

In the tumultuous, insecure world of contemporary news media, more and more of us are forced to work on a freelance basis. While it’s difficult to put a precise estimate on the numbers, self-employed writers make up the majority of the profession in the United States and there are legions of us around the world.

Publicizing this union comes after a months-long organizing effort in which we’ve had one-on-one conversations with hundreds of freelance journalists and group meetings with dozens, discussing the struggles that members of our profession face and how we can collectively overcome them.

Many of us deal with long overdue payments, low rates, vast pay disparities, exploitative contracts and frustrating invoicing systems at publications throughout the industry. While nearly every news outlet relies on freelance labor, few are committed to treating workers with dignity and providing fair compensation.

In order to change these conditions, and to gain power through solidarity, we created the Freelance Journalists Union. The FJU is part of the Industrial Workers of the World, an international, member-run union for all workers, which was established in 1905.“

Wer Twitter hat, kann ihr unter folgendem Link folgen.


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