Branches & Contacts

Administration of the IWW

  • Our Tasks

    Coordination of the following tasks:

    -> Support for branches and (new) nembers
    -> Organization of apring and autumn meetings in the german language area
    -> Organisation of the Referendum
    -> International contact and international requests

  • Contact Information
  • Our Tasks
    Support, evaluation and development of organizing activities. The department operates on two fields: Organizing and Training. Coordinates with it’s similar departments in USA, Canada and UK.
  • Area Organizing
    Holds contact to active shop floor committees, supports research and the realization of industrial action. Organizes the organizing summits. We encourage all members to contact us and share their experiences and/or get support in their efforts.

  • Area Training
    Develops and organizes learning events for members. It’s core mission is to impart knowledge for organizing but also educates members to build a branch. Members and branches can contact us to organize an event or ask when the next one near them will be held.
    Mostly we organize the trainings 101 Training – Build the committee and 102 Training – The committee in action to strengthen our organizing activities.

  • Contact Information
  • Our Tasks
    Coodinates and is responsible for all internal and external communication.

  • Editorial Committee
    Publishes the newsletter, is responsible for the content of the website, social media and helps committees and branches in their public relations work.
  • Translation Committee
    Translates texts for members in to several languages.
  • Store
    Creates and sends information material and merchandising.
  • Technical Support Committee
    Technical support for all IT-Infrastructure.
  • Contact Information
  • Our Tasks
    Educates the membership and helps WomenLesbianTrans* members regarding their needs.
  • Contact Information
  • Treasurer
  • Bank Account
    Bank Details Germany
    Account holder: IWW-GLAMROC
    IBAN: DE28 430 609 676 009 668 100

    Bank Details Austria
    Account holder: Gewerkschaft Industrial Workers of the World Wien
    IBAN: AT18 4300 0256 1991 0000

    Bank Details Switzerland
    Account holder: IWW JAM
    IBAN: CH35 0900 0000 6114 4202 3

Contacts to the Branches & Individual Members

Members in Basel

Members in Bern

Members in Bochum/Ruhrgebiet

Individual Members in Germany

General Membership Branch Hamburg/Waterkant

General Membership Branch Innsbruck

General Membership Branch Munich

General Membership Branch Salzburg

Members in Solothurn

General Membership Branch Vorarlberg

Members in the Regions of Switzerland Jura-Alpen-Mittelland

Members in Zurich

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