Internal channels


Our Tools

Our trade union work thrives on communication and tools for networking. We therefore provide our members with tools to make their daily organizational and administrative work as effective as possible. These services are managed by our Technical Committee.

  • Internal Communication: The Wob.Chat
  • You want to get in contact with other members? Create a channel for your committee? Our software can be operated from your PC or with a mobile app also from your smartphone. You will find more information after you have logged in.

  • Knowledge Base: Our Wiki
  • You are looking for protocols, working aids or do not know how the IWW works internally? Then you will find all information in our internal Wiki.

  • Data Exchange & Storage: The Cloud
  • You want to exchange data with your local group, committee or initiative? Are you looking for graphics, brochures, books, or texts? Then you will find everything in our cloud.

  • International Communication: The worldwide Forum “Interwob”
  • Want to interact with members from North America, the United Kingdom, or other regions? Find out what’s happening there. In our international forum. Language of communication is English.

  • E-Mail Traffic: E-Mail inboxes
  • You use the e-mail address for your committee, local group etc.? Then you can access our e-mail services here. If you want to apply for a new address, contact the Technical Committee.

  • For Officials & Delegates: Administration
  • Do you manage internal data for your committee / local group? Then you are in the right place.

    The Technical Committee

    We are a team of hobbyists*, some of us work professionally with IT services, some of us only try it in our free time. We are happy
    us always about new interested parties. If you are interested, these are the things that would be helpful:

    • Are you familiar with web design/website maintenance?
    • Do you know about Social Media/ Instagram/Facebook/Twitter? Evaluation of user behavior on the web (e.g. with Matomo)
    • Do you know about IT infrastructure like Single-Sign-On login systems? Network security?
    • Do you have any ideas what we as IWW could need/ what we could do better?
    • Or do you want to learn something from the things listed above?

    Then contact us! We also encourage especially womenLesbianTrans*-Fellow Workers!
    Remember: We only do this in our free time and read manuals / watch Youtube videos. Therefore there is no nerd-babble, but an interest to learn together!

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