Data Protection

Extract from Article 16 of the Rules of Procedure of the IWW in German Language Area (Stand 2020)

To enable the IWW to function as a trade union it is necessary to collect personal data about its members. This introduction is also a summary of these decisions.

The IWW collects data about its members and, where appropriate, about non-members for the purpose of organising in the workplace. Personal information, such as contact lists, should not be kept or further used without the explicit consent of the respective persons. The transmission of personal data via e-mail lists is not considered secure. Violations of data protection regulations carry the risk of leading to legal proceedings initiated by individuals. A violation of these regulations is considered a serious matter and is subject to complaint and disciplinary action. The person responsible for member support is also the data protection officer and will process any submissions in this regard.

Only certain members nominated by the Local Group or Regional Administration/RAC will have access to the membership database. The Member Services Manager maintains a list of all persons with access rights. Every person who maintains the contact list or has access to the IWW database must have read and understood these regulations. The technical committee (Tech-Kom) is responsible for the security of the databases. It will also support the person responsible for member support in her/his work.

Information on this scheme:

  • This privacy policy refers to GLAMROC (Regional Organizing Committee for the German Language Area),,
  • All recognised local groups of GLAMROC, (with the exception of the groups themselves, websites, blogs, social media platforms etc.),
  • All elected members, committees appointed by GLAMROC or local groups (with the exception of websites, blogs, social media platforms etc. operated by the aforementioned themselves)

The full version of the privacy policy can be downloaded.

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