Information regarding Organizing in times of Covid-19/ Corona


Unemployment has shot up many times over. While many of us who still have jobs are forced to work during a pandemic, without a hazard allowance, sick leave or even affordable health insurance, others are faced with wage cuts or even redundancies. We find ourselves in a frightening and unpredictable time in a degrading social system where the profits of a few have priority over the common good. Whether we as workers* prepare ourselves to overcome this pandemic and the upcoming economic crisis and to fight back is in our own hands. And those of our colleagues around the world.

If we organize ourselves now, we can protect ourselves, our loved ones and our community from getting sick, losing our homes and getting into debt. By staying organized, we can also use our strength to fight together for a better world: a world where no one is superfluous and where everyone can develop freely according to their needs.


Basically, we assume that power can be built up in the workplace and in our social environment primarily by passing on fighting experiences and anecdotes. Because those who are outraged do not know how they*/she* translate into counter-power. We therefore attach great importance to the documenting the stories of colleagues*. You will find here many stories. The Corona pandemic also produces special conditions, of course, which make us find new ways. You can find some examples here.



Materials for organizing

We want our colleagues to become active themselves and start organising in a way that is adapted to their own industry or situation. For this purpose we offer a lot of materials as support. In order to get into conversation with colleagues and to promote a militant workers’ movement, we have put together some materials for the organisation under Covid-19/Corona. You can download them and print them yourself, or order from us (for members only).


Organizing Training Programme

Both trainings are usually held over two eight-hour days. Of course, you won’t become an expert in two days, but we hope you leave with practical skills and the enthusiasm to start or continue organizing. During the corona times we started doing online-trainings. The trainings have been developed over many years and by many IWW members. They reflect the successes and lessons of countless organizing campaigns and committees, and they are continually being updated to incorporate current experiences.

  • Organizing Training 101: Build the Committee
  • This introductory training focuses on the nuts and bolts of building an organizing committee in your workplace.

  • Organizing Training 102: The Committee in Action
  • This advanced training builds on the 101 and explores how to sustainand grow your organizing long term.

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