Request: Become a Trainer

    Thank you for your interest in our Training Programme!

    Want to become a trainer of the IWW's Organizer Training Program? You've come to the right place.

    Training Komitee trainers play a big role in the IWW. They help to teach workers how to build solidarity on their jobs and how to organize direct action campaigns to win demands. They are ambassadors for the IWW, champions of the solidarity unionism model, and mentors to new organizers.

    To become a trainer, IWW members must attend a Training for Trainers (T4T) and meet the certification criteria set out by the Training Komitee. To attend a T4T, members must have attended at least one Organizer Training 101, but more training and organizing experience is preferred.

    Complete this form to let the Training Komitee know you're interested in becoming a trainer. We will plan T4Ts around regional and industrial needs. If you are selected to attend a T4T in the future we will contact you. If any of your contact information changes or you have other experiences you'd like to add to your application, please complete a new form.

    Contact with any questions.

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