There is something powerful in the process of someone who participates in struggle finding a voice to their experiences.


Please notice that there are not as many workplace stories as in german, but you’ll find some videos here that might be interesting for you instead.
Or you might take a look at our big inspiration

Food & Retail

See all experiences in food & retail

Cross-Sectoral Topics



Transport & Communication

Manufacture & General Production

Why did we sort the industries like that?

In the IWW every worker is in the same union. The different forms of the division of labor we call “industries”. And they are all related. Get to know more about organizing industrially.


What is organizing?

We call the systematic building of solidarty together with our colleagues “organizing”. If you will, you could say it they are combined methods of self-organization. What we mean by that we’ll tell you here.


How to organize your workplace

Without strong relations you’re on your own and a better target for the bosses. That’s why we can only change things together. That is easier said than done. We give you some advice for your daily work and the people you can reach if needed.


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